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Life Cycle Models in 15288


Creating a Life Cycle Model

Prototypical Life Cycle Model
Analyze needs, identify concepts and develop solutions.
Engineer a buildable system that meets customer requirements.
Build the system.
Operate the system.
Maintain and support the system.
Retire, archive, or otherwise dispose of the system.
A system's life cycle is that span of time from when the idea of the system is first conceived to when the system is no longer used and has been disposed of. A system life cycle is defined by stages, each of which represents a period during the lifetime of a system. Stages provide a framework for managing different periods of the system life cycle as well as the life cycle as a whole. They indicate the state of the system, typically reflect achievement milestones, and enable decision gates for migrating a system from one state to another. Similarly, life cycle stages provide a framework, a life cycle model, for scheduling tasks, managing risk, and putting other controls in place.

15288 does not prescribe a specific life cycle model, but rather provides a process for defining, approving, and managing a life cycle model or models. This is described in Section 6.2.1 of 15288. Other 15288 processes take place within the context of an organization's approved life cycle model.

ISO/IEC TR 24748-1:2010 provides information on life cycle concepts and provides life cycle models that can be used within the frameworks of 15288 and/or 12207. It also provides guidance for tailoring your life cycle based on unique organizational requirements.

For illustrative purposes, 15288 refers to the stages of the system life cycle as conception, development, production, utilization, support, and retirement. That model is shown to the left with a brief description of each stage. Remember, this is an illustrative model. Your model will be different!

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