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Conform with the 15288 Standard

Standards for Safe, Effective Systems

Standards and effective standards-based tools are imperative in building and operating safe and effective complex systems. Syntell provides several different products to help you better understand and conform with the 15288 standard. These products are:

  1. 15288 and 12207 Standards
    Purchase a copy of these and other ISO/IEC standards from our partner Techstreet.
  2. Related Standards and Standards Committee Documents
    Prepared by various national or international standards bodies, these documents provide added insight into 15288 and guidance for applying it. They also enrich 15288 life cycle processes via complementary standards in areas such as quality and process improvement. Read our document synopses to guide your document procurement choices.
  3. Process Templates
    Why re-invent the wheel? Use our templates to define your project or organizations's software processes. Templates are adaptable to accommodate your project-unique requirements.
  4. Conformance Checklists
    Have you forgotten anything? Syntell checklists can be used to verify conformance with 15288 and 12207.
  5. Free Presentations
    Syntell will send you four free presentations of your choice. These presentations deal with various system and software process issues within the context of international standards.

Corporate licenses for templates and checklists are available. Contact Syntell at for details.

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