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Life Cycle Management Working Group (WG7)

This page lists representatives by country for ISO/IEC 15288. Those persons listed below are the "Heads of Delegation" for their respective country or organization and are members of the Life Cycle Management Working Group (WG7). The diagram on the left shows how WG7 fits into the overall structure of joint ISO/IEC standards committees. To contact a country representative concerning 15288, click on the appropriate name below.

Focal Points Pisa,Italy November 2013

This page lists a focal point person by country for ISO/IEC 15288. Those persons listed below are the Heads of Delegation for the country or organization. To contact the country representative concerning this document, Click on the name below.

Country ISO/IEC 15288 Contacts
Australia Matthew Young
Bratislava Robert Korea

Belarus Valley Voltchok
China Qiao He
Denmark Jorgen Boegh
Finland Timo Varkoi
France Alain Faisandier

Christian Bohrt

India Sudha Gopalakrishnam
Ireland Joc Sanders
Italy Tony Coletta

Kenji Muronaka

Korea Joongyoon Lee
Luxembourg Marion Lepmets
Malaysia Kathirrassan Kupusamy

Rene Sieders

New Zealand Alison Holt
Russia Igor Zhidkov
Singapore Aaron Chong
Slovakia Robert Kormanak
South Africa Johann Amsenga
Spain Antonio Moreno
Sweden Bud Lawson
Thailand Nongkran Champoonut
Turkey Mariye Akkaya
UK Jonathan Earthy
USA Garry Roedler
Liaison Groups:
IEEE Computer Society Jim Moore
INCOSE Ken Crowder
PMI Karl Best
ISACA/ITG1 Max Shanahan
ISO WG 26 Barbara Huisman
ISO TC 159 Jonathan Earthy
SC 27 Johann Amsenga
Other Contacts:
Convener Anatol Kark (Canada)




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