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15288 - A Framework for Building Complex Systems

Products and services, offered by Syntell AB include process templates, checklists, and consulting to ease the implementation of standard software and system processes.

The Standard

15288:2015 is an international standard for systems and software engineering life cycle processes. This standard, developed by system and software engineering experts from around the world, provides a foundation for successfully developing and implementing complex systems. It establishes a common framework for describing the life cycle of systems created by humans and defines a set of processes and associated terminology within that framework.

15288 Information/News

We provide informative diagrams that help explain the 15288 standard and provide factors to consider in its implementation. News articles and links are also provided to connect you to other sites and sources for information about 15288. A list of 15288 representatives by country is also available.

Checklists and Templates

Syntell offers a checklist to help insure 15288 compliance. We also offer a template for software configuration management that provides ready-to-go CM process instructions to help insure compliance with 15288 software CM (as well as 12207 and 62304) standards. Unique diagrams add clarity to each process and provide excellent educational aids for both technical and management personnel. The template is available in Microsoft Word format for easy adaptation. A template for document management processes is also available.


Syntell AB was formed in 1994 and since that time has been a leading provider of products and services for Systems Lifecycle Management. Syntell and its partners were heavily involved in the development of the system engineering life cycle process standard, ISO/IEC 15288:2015. Syntell has also partnered with other system engineering consultants around the world who play a major role in the development, training and application of this important system standard.

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Select up to four different presentations to be sent to you FREE. These presentations cover many different aspects of standards-compliant systems and software development and implementation.

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